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A trio of recs 
28th-Nov-2007 10:41 pm
nf walking sun
A year and a half without a post. Umm...Yay? :D

all Matt/Mohinder

Start Me Over by out_there Ahhh, the fic that gave me the Heroes love. :D

A year ago, this was precisely what Matt wanted with Janice: a kid of their own, a place of their own, a domestic routine of chores and TV and homework. That tells him everything.

Six Scenes From the Parkman-Suresh Househould by scribblinlenore :: A group of six interconnected drabbles.

Matt rolled over toward him, second-guessing himself for just a moment before laying a hand on Mohinder's back.

Simple, Uncomplicated by out_there

It's familiar and it's easy -- the way sex with buddies is always simple, uncomplicated.

This Will be Our Year by _hazelnutcoffee

Molly’s 10th birthday is a Big Deal.

CSI: Las Vegas
all fics Greg/Nick

Conspire by Kalimyre :: The summary may say something else entirely, but this fic is mostly about Nick covered in honey. I'm easy like that.

Greg knows the universe is out to get him. There’s no other explanation.

Autre Ne Vueil by geekwriter143

Greg grinned and stepped forward, cornering Nick against the side of his Denali. "Right here? In public? Kinky."

Game Day by iamtheenemy

A voice in [Greg's] head asked him why he insisted on setting himself up for disappointment by nursing helpless crushes on gorgeous, unattainable, straight men.

all fics Batman/Flash

And in this moment by Te :: Scorching hot PWP. Seriously. Scorching.

Batman steps out of the shadows.

Sing we joyout, all together by Te :: There's nothing like Christmas with Batman. No other summary required. :D

Comrades in Arms Universe :: My love of this fic can never be adequately expressed. EVER. The last story in the series is a WIP, but the rest of the series can be read as a collection of stand alone fics.

He thinks he can see Bruce smiling—a tight almost-scared smile, but it’s okay because it’s a step Wally understands.

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