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First Post

So the story goes like this...

One day, audrarose received about 10 emails from me. Perhaps 2 of them were normal type emails, the other 8 went something like this, OMG! This fic was amazing! Incredible! You have to read it! (Thankfully she didn't whack me upside the head. *g*) It was sort of funny in a really-obsessed-with-fandom kind of way. Of course, a few days later, Audra discovered a new fandom and my inbox was spammed with fic recs, and few days after that...

And that is how life continued happily for many, many months. I would drag Audra into a new fandom or she would drag me into a new fandom and we would maniacally go running around like crazed fangirls reading obnoxious amounts of fic. Pretty soon, we realized that we needed a place to actually keep all these links to the stories we thought were wonderful -- someplace central, something place easy to reference, someplace that maybe would prevent the random one line emails that seemed to shoot back and forth between us during the day. *bg* (Okay, that's probably not really going to stop but still... *g*)

So shiprecs was born. Eventually, it'll be recs in multiple fandoms (we both suffer from severe cases of fandom ADD *bg*), mostly slash, with a variety of pairings.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to contact us with a comment in any post or by sending an email.

We hope you enjoy the recs! *bg*