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Six Panic! recs 
16th-Dec-2007 09:42 am
misc eeeeee
Bandom. I love it.

Paralyzed by (unknown until secret santa reveal) jon/everyone

Jwalk smokes Gabe's special weed and needs to have sex with his band. This isn't gsf, though -- it's three separate, incredibly erotic scenes, with perfect characterizations and fantastic voices. Possibly the hottest thing I've ever read.

Claim the Sky by beingothrwrldly brendon/ryan

Early story of the band fic. I love Brendon in this, as well as Spencer. There is such a feeling of desperation in this, of needing to escape while they're all clinging to the band like a lifeline that it kind of breaks my heart a lot.

Kissing Banks Under the Moon by beingothrwrldly pete/ryan

Ryan goes to Pete's family's house for Thanksgiving. Slow-build relationship fic. Here is a Pete I can love and believe in completely, and Ryan's tentative happiness is a killer. Awesome.

114-a (here, where the daylight begins) by addandsubtract gerard/ryan

Two years after Panic! breaks up, Ryan finishes a novel. He also freaks out his friends and makes Gerard fall in love with him. The author takes Ryan's introverted, obsessive personality and runs with it. This is brilliantly done.

I Will Destroy Ryan Ross and All That He Loves: A Cautionary Tale by jae_w William Beckett vs. Ryan Ross

Ryan steals William's groupies. William plots revenge. Utterly, screamingly hilarious. This is Thunderdome, dollface.

Burn Up in Love, Love, Love by dsudis GSF

Jon goes home to Chicago and the other boys go home to Las Vegas, but Jon misses them too much to stay apart. Most gsf is usually, "yay! orgy!", which can be fun, but this is the rare exception that establishes believable emotional connections between more than two people. Plus, it's blisteringly hot.

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